we specialize in Las Vegas weddings and vow renewals in Las Vegas.

Wedding vows are a sacred symbolic showing of a couple's mutual adoration and passion for each other. When you've married your soulmate that fire never dies and married couples are continually looking to show each other how much they truly mean. Some couples opt for a Vow renewal because they were unable to have their dream ceremony the first time around.

It Doesn't matter which wedding milestone you’re celebrating, extending your vows is a special way to reestablish your commitment to each other. Renewing your marriage vows is befitting for married couples disregarding how long you have been married, but it is notably nice on large events, like your 5th, 10th, 25th or 50th landmark anniversaries.



  • Full Coordination

  • Affordable, intimate ceremonies

  • Non denominational

  • Same sex couples welcome

  • Experts on Las Vegas

  • Close to reception venues

  • Award winning professional Photography

  • Live Stream your wedding for friends and family all over the world


  • We make sure to schedule all of our ceremonies with enough time to accommodate your needs.

  • Award winning professional photographers,  the best Las Vegas has to offer for unforgettable weddings.

  • Our wedding ceremony Ministers and officiants will give you the most amazing Las Vegas ceremony.

  • A full assortment of optional extras and upgrades will give you the freedom to customize, It will truly be 'Your Ceremony, your way.'

★★★★★ Amazing!!!! With so many choices in Vegas to get married, I’m so glad we chose A Chapel of Love. Everything from the inquiry, scheduling a time, finalizing details, to the ceremony, and photographer was more than what we expected. The chapel and staff were very accommodating to ensure that we received our full appointment time and maintained a high level or service. Many thanks to everyone who assisted us in making our day memorable!
— Gabre Monet (Facebook)


Las Vegas is the Wedding Capital of the World, with an unrivaled history of weddings. From the simple and quaint to stunningly elegant chapel weddings. It couldn't be any easier to get your marriage license in Las Vegas, plus these weddings are legal everywhere in the world.


Every year  thousands of happily married couples flock to Las Vegas to renew their marriage vows. We'll deliver the ceremony that you've always wanted. There is no better way to celebrate your Anniversary than with a Vow Renewal from A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. Every one of our Renewal ceremonies come with an  official certificate.



Feel the passion and excitement of a romantic ceremony without entering into a legally binding marriage.  Our "Just for fun"  commitment ceremonies offer full customization and are designed to give couples a thrilling Vegas Ceremony full of moments they will remember for years to come without actually tying the knot.